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  1. GSC integration

    Are you guys thinking of adding GSC integration in WriterZen as well?

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  2. Add KD (Keyword Difficulty) to the keyword research results column so that we can filter it

    Please ad KD (Keyword Difficulty) (ideally using same formula that ahrefs uses to calculate theirs) to the keyword research column so that we can filter it along with volume, PPC, ESKP,... Currently each keyword needs to be clicked on to see the KD which is very time consuming and doesn't allow for filtering. Many of us use this to find low competition keywords to try to rank for. This would help eliminate the need for other expensive tools for those that subscribe to them just for a few features such as this.

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  3. Mindmap Keyword Clusters

    Same as mind mapping for topic discovery. it makes for easy visualization.

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  4. Extract keywords from EXACT URL (not domain)

    One feature I would love to see (even as standalone product) is to extract keywords from exact URL (not whole domain). Right now not many tools do it, and when they do, they don't support text that's not in English.

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  5. [Integrations] Export to Google Sheets functionality

    Many SEO's lives and workflows utilise Google Sheets in the form of templates that help us analyse and interpret data. Being able to export directly as opposed to via a CSV/xlsx sheet is another step towards optimal workflows and reducing time-consuming extra admin steps. These extra admin steps (albeit small), compound over time, add no value to the way we serve clients but create additional time-costs that compound to affect profitability.

    Colin C
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  6. Mark used keywords

    There should be a way to mark or highlight with different colors keywords in Keyword Explorer, and the ability to filter those filters only or out.

    Giancarlo B
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  7. SERP domain similarity for multiple related keywords

    SERP domain similarity (in percentage) for multiple related keywords. It will help beginner level users to select which keyword need separate article & which not. Inspiration: "keyword Insights"

    Mohammed Anas C
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    paul r
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  9. Export function KW Exporer: Include KW Type like PHRASE MATCH etc in xls and csv - Google Sheets would be great as well

    Please include the KW Type like Phrase matchHaving same termsAlso search for in a seperate row when exporting KWs from KW Explorer. Most of us import them to google sheet and or filter for certain criteria before moving them to cluster tool. Right now I have to manuelly export 3 files to manage that!

    Marcus B
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  10. Competitive analysis

    Analysis competitors based on Cluster Data

    Daniel Nguyen
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  11. Add in competitor's website

    Competitor analysis: This is something I really want to see. If we could dive into a competitor's website and see all the keywords they rank for.

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  12. Can you also show some more information like Ahrefs, rank, backlinks, etc?

    Can you also show some more information like Ahrefs, rank, backlinks, etc?

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  13. Highlight easy to rank keywords

    Highlight easy to rank keywords (like those with forums in search results).

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  14. Keyword grouping as per Intent

    Is there keyword grouping as per Intent like - informational, transactional, commercial, navigational? If not can that be added.. it will be really cool addon!

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  15. Upload finished article to Wordpress, Reddit, Google Docs

    Wordpress, Reddit, Google Docs... plug-in After finish the content writing, it can upload to the Wordpress directly

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