New updates and improvements to WriterZen

  1. [Ver 2.19.0] - Comment feature is ready to be served!

    New Feature

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    Last month we launched our new Team function on WriterZen and got some awesome feedback from the community about what people love and a few things that we can make even better.

    And this month...

    We are excited to announce a new feature that has been added to the Content Creator in WriterZen - the comment function! With this new feature, users can now easily interact with their team members, just like in Google Docs.

    🔎Here's what's new:

    Users can now add comments to documents, allowing for faster and more efficient collaboration with team members. These comments will appear instantly and can be replied to, making it easier to discuss changes and suggestions directly within the document.

    👉 Minor Improvements:

    In addition to the new comment function, we've also made some minor improvements to the Content Creator to enhance your experience. These improvements include:

    ✅ Improve 2 ways communication: You can be confident that your messages will be understood and that you will be able to receive responses in a timely manner.

    Annoucement Carousel-1200x1200_3 (1)

    ✅ Streamline collaboration with just one-click of sharing files: That's where our new minor improvement comes in. With our latest feature, you can easily share files with just one click, making collaboration faster and more efficient than ever before.

    Annoucement Carousel-1200x1200 (2)

    👉 We are committed to continually improving WriterZen and providing our users with the best possible writing experience. We hope that these new features and improvements will make it easier for you to collaborate with your team and create amazing content together.

    👉 Click here ( to try the CONTENT CREATOR right now!

    💭Note: We’re always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

  2. [Ver 2.18.0] WriterZen Dashboard is getting a makeover!


    ➡️ Receive the power of the WriterZen Dashboard with a refreshed UI and new notification update functionality!

    🔎 What’s new?

    ✅The updated UI Dashboard with a clean folder structure allows you to swiftly explore and access recent projects to manage your workspace and workload.

    With a simple click of the notification bell button, users can now keep track of and adjust tasks and analyze all answer content and activities in the workspace and the remaining features. This method sends updates for remaining features, allowing the workspace owner to keep track of member actions/projects.


    Send us your feedback at

  3. [Ver 2.17.0] -Your most-awaited AI Optimization enhancements are here!


    The functionality of the A.I. tool is extended with a host of enhancements! The new experience reduces the manual effort of your duties and increases the visibility of custom templates on your article to assist in the development and update of features.

    🔎 You can now:

    👉 Build outlines and generating content is easier and simpler for all users with a few clicks from A.I. output.

    👉 Reduce the time required to obtain A.I. output with only a few steps

    👉 Get superior suggestion templates that will assist you quickly and simply generate high-quality content.

    🔎 The overall experience is simpler, faster, and frictionless. Below are three significant changes:

    ✅ Pick suitable style format (H2, H3, H4 and bullet points) from A.I. panel to Outline section with just a single click.

    Pick suitable style format

    ✅ New A.I. Select Text Toolbar enables you to edit paragraph format and use some recommended A.I. templates at ease. And of course, you can find other templates in A.I. panel.

    A.I Select Text Toolbar

    ✅ Innovate Text Rewriter Panel for easily selecting A.I. generated results to replace your own content input.

    Text Rewriter Panel

    And there's so much more to explore.…


  4. 📣Change the way you approach SEO with WRITERZEN ACADEMY! 🔥

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    😎 Hey, WriterZen world!

    We are happy to announce you our new WRITERZEN ACADEMY. Now it is easier to approach SEO from the oven, with our very first launching course: SEO Fundamentals and Best Practices

    🔎 What’s new?

    ✅ Learn with SEO experts - José Gonzalez Rilley (aka Hoz)

    ✅ Watch the experts in action & read how SEO works in detail

    ✅ 100% Free of charge/ No login required


    👉 Just go to and activate yours today.

    👉 Forum for WriterZen Academy:

    💭Note: We’re always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

  5. [Ver 2.16.0] - TEAM FUNCTION (Beta Ver) is Ready to be Served!

    New Feature

    Our team is happy and humble to see you here!

    We have some exciting news! TEAM FUNCTION (Beta Version) has been officially launched.

    You ask, we deliver! Now with TEAM FUNCTION, you have another great way to work with your team.


    What’s New?

    ✅ Easy team setup and management

    ✅ Collaborative workspace at ease

    ✅ Key to successful external team management

    And so much more to explore…

    Click here to try the TEAM FUNCTION right now!

    💭 Note: We’re always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our fantastic users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

  6. [Ver 2.14.0] - WILDCARD SEARCH is Ready to be Served! #SEO #content writing

    New Feature

    Discover Potential Anonymous Keywords To Rank With Wildcard Search

    Want to find keywords to rank but don’t know what your next clients search for? You can now look up basically any keywords with our new release feature - Wildcard Search right in our Keyword Explorer tool. This function will help you to identify a vast volume of keywords from a single templatized idea!

    By putting the asterisk symbol (*) next to your seed keywords (it can be a single keyword or a whole phrase), you essentially tell WriterZen to fill in the blank and return with thousands of potential keywords to rank, giving you more ideas to work on!


    With Wildcard Search, you can:

    👉Easily generate your content for weeks and months

    👉Identify many content opportunities

    👉Accelerate your ranking results by spending more time doing than planning

    👉Recognize and find plagiarized content

    👉Improve your keyword search results

    …And so much more! Test the new function now!

  7. 3 new updates available on WriterZen

    New Feature

    ➡️ [Keyword Explorer] Add Search and Sorting function in History

    We have updated the new layout with search and sort add-ins, making it easier for you to keep track of your previous keyword research

    ➡️ New 13” content writing view

    A completely new look for Content Writing Step. We have optimized our screen view for the 13” screen and below. Also, we have fixed a display bug for share link users.

    ➡️ Change the limit metric to “word count” in Plagiarism Checker

    As you requested, we have changed the limit metric from “Daily Time Check” to “Word count,” plus, you can check up to 40,000 words per day, with 5000 words limit per article checked.

    Reach out our support team at

  8. New Update Alert: Working More Efficiently With WriterZen’s Latest Update

    New Feature

    With the aim of creating a more sufficient workflow that generates better results and user experience, WriterZen has made some changes to our clustering feature in the Keyword Explorer tool! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on updating and improving each tool to complete the WriterZen ecosystem!

    Let’s see what’s new!


    👉 The clustering tab is now integrated into the Keyword Data tab to minimize the taken action needed

    👉 Set the desired clustering level for more accurate results

    👉 Visual of the excel file when exporting the list of cluster keywords improved

    👉 ESKP is now changed into Revenue Forecast.

    To see the full tutorial, you can check out this updated video of our clustering function demonstration🖱️

  9. [Ver 2.6.3] 📣 Content Creator Feature updates 🥳


    Here are some feature updates that you are expected to see:

    Content Creator Feature Updates:

    1. Content summarization/ Data extraction in competitors’ analysis. Breaking down competitors’ key content structure & elements in outline form.

    2. Summarization quick access from the text editor page.

    3. Quick view plagiarism checker function, let user live edit plagiarized content right on the text editor.

    4. Project management page collapsed view.

    5. Updated font options & size.

    General Updates:

    1. Hongkong & Taiwan add as countries.

    2. Replaced domain backlinks to URL backlinks.

    3. General performance bugs fixed.

    What to expect in 2.7.0:

    Full-on Google NLP integration beta

    💭 Note: You’ll have to do a hard refresh on your page for the updates to be fully loaded, and keep in mind that the updates are applied to all new articles created, not the ones created in the previous version.

    Here's the link to our Youtube channel regarding these recent updates and the Reward page:

  10. [You ask, we listen] Import Existing URL in Content Creator

    New Feature

    👉 As you requested, now we can import our existing content into WriterZen via URL or file to optimize its quality to the best!


    👉 For further information, let's have a look at the introduction video taken by our CEO - Dan Nguyen here:


    Get own page imported in the content editor and optimize

    Hello, I would like to optimize an existing webpage. How can I get my page imported in the content editor, please? I read in Appsumo comments that this feature was to be added to Writerzen, but I cannot find it yet. Thanks, best regards.

    Already shipped


    We hope you like it!😊😊😊