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[Version 2.33.0] Unlocking Creative Potential: The Latest Enhancements for Content Creators in WriterZen 💡

Bug fixes

🎯 Update features

  • Language & Region Label: To provide a clearer understanding of each article's language settings within a project, we've moved the Language & Region label from the Project Management table to the Article Management table. This change will help you manage your multilingual content more efficiently
  • Move to "Function": We've introduced a new "Move to" function in the Article Management table. This feature allows you to easily transfer articles from one project to another, simplifying your content organization process.
Content creator enhancement

🎯 Adjustments

  • New Project" & "Project Settings": We've removed the language & region settings from these pop-ups to streamline the project creation and settings adjustment process.
  • Create a New Article: The language & region settings are now adjustable for each article, giving you more flexibility in managing multilingual content. Additionally, some information fields have been hidden under "Advanced settings" to make the modal look more neat and minimalistic.
  • Google NLP Toggle: To ensure the best performance of our Google NLP feature, it can now only be activated for articles in English, Japanese, or Spanish. We're working hard to support more languages in the future.


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