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  1. Add team members function

    Adding one or more team members for better collaboration

    Daniel Nguyen
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  2. Wordpress Plugin

    Hi, can you please develop a wordpress plugin where me or other authors can see the content briefings. A todo-list for authors with high, medium and low prio groupings. They can catch a briefing and start writing... On the post writing screen they can see the same things like the content editor we use here. best regards

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  3. Add Wildcard Characters

    It would be helpful that aside from the asterisk (*), we can use other characters such as: to include a phrase or word in search results, to exclude a phrase or word in search results, ~ to have similar results, ā€œ ā€ exact match, and etc. These will provide more defined and specific results that are very beneficial for SEO.

    TEAM T


  4. Can you also show some more information like Ahrefs, rank, backlinks, etc?

    Can you also show some more information like Ahrefs, rank, backlinks, etc?

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  5. Highlight easy to rank keywords

    Highlight easy to rank keywords (like those with forums in search results).

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  6. GSC integration

    Are you guys thinking of adding GSC integration in WriterZen as well?

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  7. Other plug-in

    Wordpress, Reddit, Google Docs... plug-in After finish the content writing, it can upload to the Wordpress directly

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  8. A.I. Credits for LTD Users

    A minimum A.I credit for LTD users will be a great addition. A screenshot is being added for better understanding.

    Said A
    #Feature Requests šŸ‘‘


  9. European Languages for AI Writer

    As an European user, I want the AI Writer to be able to write Content in German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish and French, so that I'm no longer forced to use third-party tools that currently increase my costs and take my focus away from WriterZen.

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  10. Apply content format / search intent & FAQ module

    Love the new updates and the AIT/KGR, clustering and data presentation continue to be great. Here are a few features that would add more value as you think about extensions to each product: for keyword clusters, knowing the content format / search intent is huge and only one other tool does that. Based on serps, writerzen would tell be whether the keyword cluster needs to be a blog article, review article, product page, other media FAQ module : a collection of all questions related to a seed keyword including forum posts. I know most PAA, google suggest might be available, but knowing relevancy and having to cluster will save time And I can say I am a Plagiarism checker convert with the new update and like the line by line checks. Great work from the team and looking forward to the next update !

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  11. Show credit's renewal date

    Hi, can you please show credit's renewal date. Currently there's no way to know that so It's hard to manage and limit our credit usage.

    #Performance āš”#General šŸ“Œ


  12. Add in topic score and our own selected keywords in Keywords To Include list

    Keywords To Include in editor: It would be cool if you could include a topic score. Or something similar that a lot of tools offer, like SurferSEO, Frase, SEO Powersuite, etc. I believe they all use different technologies, but something similar for what words to include would be great. This could probably be a new tab. And keep "keywords to include" to keywords we selected by ourselves.

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  13. Improvement of Plagiarism Detection Capability

    Improvement of plagiarism detection capability even free tools can find more accurate results.

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  14. [Content Creator] AI Writing [Beta 1]

    AI Writing Assisant

    Hiep Tran


  15. Can Writerzen tell what type of pages are ranking in the SERP?

    So in this case we have a better chance to do what the rest 70% is? Then can writerzen tall us what the 70% content is all about? So then we can create content as needed? For example, if 70% pages are product/ecommerce pages, then we would create a product page and not a blog post.

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