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[Ver 2.6.3] 📣 Content Creator Feature updates 🥳


Here are some feature updates that you are expected to see:

Content Creator Feature Updates:

1. Content summarization/ Data extraction in competitors’ analysis. Breaking down competitors’ key content structure & elements in outline form.

2. Summarization quick access from the text editor page.

3. Quick view plagiarism checker function, let user live edit plagiarized content right on the text editor.

4. Project management page collapsed view.

5. Updated font options & size.

General Updates:

1. Hongkong & Taiwan add as countries.

2. Replaced domain backlinks to URL backlinks.

3. General performance bugs fixed.

What to expect in 2.7.0:

Full-on Google NLP integration beta

💭 Note: You’ll have to do a hard refresh on your page for the updates to be fully loaded, and keep in mind that the updates are applied to all new articles created, not the ones created in the previous version.

Here's the link to our Youtube channel regarding these recent updates and the Reward page: