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[Ver 2.14.0] - WILDCARD SEARCH is Ready to be Served! #SEO #content writing

New Feature

Discover Potential Anonymous Keywords To Rank With Wildcard Search

Want to find keywords to rank but don’t know what your next clients search for? You can now look up basically any keywords with our new release feature - Wildcard Search right in our Keyword Explorer tool. This function will help you to identify a vast volume of keywords from a single templatized idea!


By putting the asterisk symbol (*) next to your seed keywords (it can be a single keyword or a whole phrase), you essentially tell WriterZen to fill in the blank and return with thousands of potential keywords to rank, giving you more ideas to work on!




With Wildcard Search, you can:


👉Easily generate your content for weeks and months

👉Identify many content opportunities

👉Accelerate your ranking results by spending more time doing than planning

👉Recognize and find plagiarized content

👉Improve your keyword search results

…And so much more! Test the new function now!