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Add Search and Sorting function in History


👉 A long-time lurking features! Got quite a few of feedbacks that it has been difficult for user to search and sort for keywords in History list on our tool.

😎 We have already updated the new layout with search and sort add-ins, making it easier for you to keep track of your previous keyword research!

👉 Next step: Enable setting default location and language in our search filter bar. Stay tuned!

Search_ Sort

History list needs lengthening

In "keyword importer" and "keyword explorer" (and perhaps in other tools) - when you want to check history, they show you the most recent 4 searches which is ridiculous. If I did 50 searches today and want to get back to the 8'th one I'll have to go through about 10 pages to find it. It'll be much better to have an option of "show X in a page", so I can pick how many I want to see in a single page, and simply scroll down and find what I want.

Already shipped


We hope you like it!😊😊😊